We offer a large variety of salt products as per your requirements.View Design Sample Click Here.

•    Rock Salt
•    Table Salt
•    Industrial Salt
•    Deicing Salt
•    All type of Lamps made by Rock Salt including, USB Lamps, Candle Holder etc

Our Product Quality

  • Quality has a top priority in our business
  • Asna Pure Salt provides best quality products up to customer interest and expectations.
  • Our best quality products are approved by Govt. of Pakistan and have issued a letter.
  • Our products are verified by PMDC (Pakistan Minerals Development Corporation) for which we are issued a verification Letter by PMDC.
  • Asna Pure Salt Products are approved by the SGS lab analyses and the report of this test shall also be provided.
  • Asna Pure Salt use fitting and packing materials of best quality
  • Asna Pure Salt has Professional Management who help customers throughout the deals.
  • Asna Pure Salt can provide a fast shipment arrangements to deliver on committed dates.